Faith and Reason: Themes from Swinburne

Conference Schedule, September 25-27, 2014

All paper presentations will be in Stewart Center, Room 214.

Thursday, Sept 25

I.   Natural Theology

6:00p-7:30p:  "The Idea of Faith as Trust: Lessons in NonCognitivist Approaches to Faith"

  • Main speaker:  Jonathan Kvanvig, Baylor University
  • Commentator:  Frances Howard-Snyder, Western Washington University
  • Chair: Robert Koons, University of Texas at Austin


7:45p-9:15p:  "Working with Swinburne: Belief, Value, and the Religious Life"

  • Main speaker: John Schellenberg, Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Commentator: Trent Dougherty, Baylor University
  • Chair: Kristen Irwin, Loyola University Chicago

9:15p:  Reception (Purdue Memorial Union, West Faculty Lounge)



Friday, Sept 26

9:00a-10:30a: "Law, Cause, and Occasionalism"

  • Main speaker: Alvin Plantinga, University of Notre Dame and Calvin College
  • Commentator: Laura Ekstrom, College of William and Mary
  • Chair: Ric Otte, University of California, Santa Cruz


10:45a-12:15p: "Swinburne’s Aesthetic Appeal"

  • Main speaker: Hud Hudson, Western Washington University
  • Commentator: Roger White, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Chair: Susan Brower-Toland, Saint Louis University

12:15p-1:45p: Lunch (on own)

1:45p-3:15p: "Simplicity and Natural Theology"

  • Main Speaker: Paul Draper, Purdue University
  • Commentator: Bradley Monton, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Chair: Sandra Visser, Valparaiso University


3:30p-5:00p: "Defining Omnipotence"

  • Main speaker: Dean Zimmerman, Rutgers University
  • Commentator: Meghan Sullivan, University of Notre Dame
  • Chair: William Hasker, Huntington College

6:00p: Swinburne Celebration Banquet (Purdue Memorial Union, East and West Faculty Lounges)

  • Registration and fee required



Saturday, Sept 27

II.  Philosophical Theology

9:30a-11:00a: “Love and Forgiveness: Swinburne on the Atonement”

  • Main speaker: Eleonore Stump, Saint Louis University
  • Commentator: Michael Rea, University of Notre Dame
  • Chair: Timothy O'Connor, Indiana University


11:15a-12:45p: "The Liturgical Present Tense"

  • Main speaker: Nicholas Wolterstorff, Yale University
  • Commentator: Jesse Couenhoven, Villanova University
  • Chair: Steffi Lewis, Municipal Capital Management, LLC

12:45p-2:15p: Lunch (on own)

2:15p-3:45p: "The Rev’d Mr Bayes and the Life Everlasting"

  • Main speaker: Peter van Inwagen, University of Notre Dame
  • Commentator: Lara Buchak, University of California, Berkeley
  • Chair: Edward Wierenga, University of Rochester


4:00p-5:30p: "What About Hylomorphism? Some Medieval And Recent Ruminations On Swinburne’s Dualism"

  • Main speaker: Marilyn McCord Adams, Rutgers University and Australian Catholic University
  • Commentator: Brian Leftow, Oxford University
  • Chair: Alan Padgett, Luther Seminary