Purdue University
5th Annual Corporate Engineering Trade Show
Lessons in Engineering Industry Applications To Increase Student Industry Preparedness

Engineering Student Working on a Rocket

SWE, NSBE, MAES, SHPE, and SASE will be hosting an inaugural networking reception on April 2nd, the evening before Trade Show. With participation in the Trade Show, companies are invited to attend this event at no additional cost.

At this networking reception, company representatives will be granted the opportunity to connect with trade show volunteers, scholarship recipients, and executive board members from the five diversity engineering organizations. We hope you will join us for a night of hors d’oeuvres and networking!

Please consider donating a scholarship to the 2018 Purdue Minority Engineering Organizations Scholarship Fund. These scholarship donations will allow many underrepresented students to achieve their goals within both personal and professional realm, as well as, help them succeed academically.

You can download the interactive Scholarship forms here. Please fill out the PDF and either fax or e-mail it to the contact listed on the form.

This event enables students and employers to informally network to prepare for the fall job fairs and to increase awareness of engineering opportunities.

Benefits for corporate participation:

  • Showcase company technology and products to capture student attention
  • Educate engineering students about company culture and daily operations
  • Spark student interest to apply for internships or full time jobs in the near future
  • Network with potential future hires
  • Interact with a diverse presence at the event



Mayra Pena
MAES Chair

Ricky Ramos
MAES Chair

Camila Alexandra Llerena
MAES President

Dr. Darryl Dickerson
MAES Adviser


Xi Wu
SASE Chair

Kirsten Leong
SASE Chair

Beverly Yip
SASE President

Tom Shih
SASE Adviser


Zurum Okereke
NSBE Chair

Jaylon Bryce Tucker
NSBE President

Darryl Dickerson
NSBE Adviser


Sebastian Fernandez
SHPE Chair

Sarah L Venckeleer
SHPE President

Juan Diego Velasquez
SHPE Adviser


Jordan Ganley
SWE Chair

Megan Lim
SWE Chair

Leann Demorest
SWE President

Beth Holloway
SWE Adviser